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My son accidentally deleted his Minecraft World from his iPad running IOS 13. Can we recover the deleted world from his iPad?

on 2019年10月26日

I tried the trial and managed to see several thousand files. I cannot see any timestamp for the files so I have no idea which one is the one he accidentally deleted. How do you see what the date these files were deleted? How do I restore the Minecraft files? He is only 10yrs old and he cried himself to bed for accidentally deleting his Minecraft world that he had built for more than 6 months. Please help.

on 2019年10月28日

Hello Asyadiqin,

Thanks for using our app and i am truly sorry fo the delay reply. This is Dorothy and i hope to be able to help you.

To start with, i would like to explain that our software supports to recover messages, contacts, photos, videos, etc.. To get more info about file types supported, please refer to the post below:

It’s really sorry for PhoneRescue is unable to help recover Minecraft World. It will be appreciated for your generous forgiveness.

Meanwhile, i want to say that you are good father. You truly care about your son! I am sorry for i fail to help you this time.

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