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    Dear Steve, Thank you so much for your quick feedback. And i am so glad that this issue is tackled. I truly appreciate your patience and cooperation on this issue. Moreover, i strongly hope AnyTrans for Android would bring more conveniences to you. And the good news is we will release AnyTrans for Android 7 on Friday, which optimized interface and functions to provide you with better Android management experience. Welcome to update by that time. I would like to get more thoughts from our loyal customer. And if possible, would you please please join our "Make AnyTrans Magical" plan? If you have any suggestions or idea about AnyTrans for Android, please just let me know. The next functions AnyTrans for Android added may be designed by you!🤗 Meanwhile, if possible, i highly hope that you would join our "Make AnyTrans Magical" Plan that experiences new functions of AnyTrans with Beta before we release the new version. Thank you so much for your generous support to iMobie! 🧡 If there is anything i can help you with, please just let me know! Have a nice day! Best regards, Dorothy
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    Dear Steve, Thanks for your kind patience on this issue. Our Development Team analyzes the log file you sent carefully and finds the reason of this issue. It seems that AnyTrans App on your phone fails to launch due to unknown reason. That's why AnyTrans for Android fails to detect your device. Given this situation, would you please try below suggestions to tackle this issue: 1. Please uninstall AnyTrans App on your phone at first. 2. Then, please enter the URL below on your phone browser to download and install AnyTrans App on your phone. http://anytrans.site/ 3. After that, you can use USB Connection or Wi-Fi connection to establish connection between phone and AnyTrans for Android. Please kindly let me know whether it works for you or not. Thanks for your kind feedback in advance. Best regards, Dorothy