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  1. WingDink


    It seems to be working ok today. I had to copy and paste the activation code for some reason. I tried to manually enter both combinations of zeros and o's which was the only thing that was in question. Either way it is working now. Thank you for your prompt replies! :)
  2. WingDink


    I purchased AnyTrans the day before yesterday and activated my subscription. Today I am getting a message that says my subscription is no longer valid and I get 50 dollars off my next purchase. Whats going on?😧
  3. WingDink

    Message Printing

    Thanks for your reply. I see by reading others posts this is a current known issue. Please continue to try and resolve as ability to print the complete text without using the cloud would be a great tool. I will forego the refund for now unless I find more bugs with the software in the next few days. -Just a suggestion--since this is a known problem it would be nice if the website advertised this particular inability as that function was the only reason I purchased the program. Cheers
  4. WingDink

    Message Printing

    I successfully transferred my messages to computer during backup. When I try and save a specific thread to the computer the only part that prints out is the other parties conversation. My conversation is not in the thread. Also it is printing every message from the other party in duplicate. Any thoughts how to get my conversation to be included in the printout?