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error code 42 (please help!)

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Hello- I am desperate here, I have to give my company laptop and cell phone back in about an hour and have been trying to use Imobie (i paid for the license) to transfer contacts from itunes to my new phone (icloud failed to do so when i tried to transfer from back up). I have about 600 contacts and imobie found them, but once it gets to 92% restore it stops with an error message code 42.

As I only have about an hour left to do this, if i cant get the contacts over, does is there a way in imobie to save the contacts it's found so at least they are saved somewhere? Otherwise I am screwed, i literally have an hour to turn this all in, please help!

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Hello, member, thanks for using our app and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience may have caused to you. To start with, would you please kindly tell us you are try to recover lost contacts from iTunes backup?

Given the importance of your data, PhoneRescue will create new backup before recovery process. Error code 42 will appear while backup process occurs unknown error. To tackle this issue, would you please rename the path below:

1. Please find this path: C:\Users\richardt\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

2. Please rename this folder: 2a5eac3149869f92410d0d2e14c0e836de8c55e6

After that, you can use our AnyTrans noramlly.

Meanwhile, if you just mean transfer iPhone existing contacts instead of losing contacts, i would like to recommend you to give our AnyTrans trial version a try, which can help you transfer contacts in more simple way. To get more info:


Please kindly tell me whether it works for you or not.

Thanks for your kind feedback in advance.


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