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Keeps stopping in the middle of transfer

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Trying to transfer music from ipod to PC. Transfer gets about 1/3 done then stops?  When I click on stop transfer nothing happens. 

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Hi, Rcglfr, thanks for using our app and i am truly sorry for the inconvenience may have caused to you. This issue may occur while your iPod stops communicating with your computer during the sync process. As the result, our software cannot stop the transfer process because the commutation lost. Given this situation, would you please refer to below suggestions to tackle this issue?

1. Please turn off AnyTrans for iOS.

2. Please restart your iPod to refresh the data.

3. Please do not choose songs with appropriated amount one time. To keep the transfer process smooth, If you have many songs, would you please transfer songs in batch?

Please kindly tell me whether it works for you or not.

Thanks for your generous support and kind feedback in advance.


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