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PhoneRescue for iOS app iCloud Login failure...(w/ CORRECT credentials).

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Trying to recover some videos deleted mistakenly yesterday.

They were sent to iCloud, yesterday, but somehow got deleted off the phone (and, No, they are not in the "Recently Deleted" folder in iPhone's Photo app).

Downloaded the PhoneRescue for iOS app; it scanned the phone and couldn't find the files. So, went to option number 2; try to recover from iCloud.

  1. Entered correct email and password.
  2. Apple asked for the second Authentication code sent to the phone (which you can't even get to this step if you put in the wrong credentials in the first place).
  3. Once I enter this code into the computer/PhoneRescue for iOS GUI on the mac, it thinks for a second, and then gives me this error message, "Your Apple ID and Password is incorrect, please check it and try again."

As I stated previously, you can't get to the second Authentication numbers/screen unless you entered in the correct username/password.

Furthermore, I entered the same username/password into the iCloud on my Mac and it worked PERFECTLY....so the username and password are CORRECT.

So, why is the program giving me this error message?

I NEED to recover these files before they get written over.

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Hi, Jand, thanks for using our app and and i am sorry for the delay reply. To start with, i would like to explain that this issue will appear if the internet is unstable. Then, it will show this message "Your username/password is incorrect. "  Our PhoneRescue just uses the same notification as Apple if the network is unstable. I am truly sorry for this inconvenience. It will be appreciated for your kind understanding.

I just encountered the same issue with you several days ago. I can clearly remember my account and password. But Apple keeps saying " Your username/password is incorrect. " Apple even locked my account and asked me to reset password. So i totally understand your mood.

And thank you so much for your kind feedback. We will optimize our software for the alert notification. If the internet is unstable, PhoneRescue will pop up " The internet is instable. Please try again later" soon. It will be appreciated for your kind patience.

To recover videos, you can give our PhoneRescue a try. If it find the data you deleted or lost, it can help you recover them back. Here is the detailed user guide:


If not, i am sorry for that PhoneRescue may fail to help you this time due to Data Recover Principles. And please do not purchase PhoneRescue this time.

Meanwhile, given the importance of your data, i highly recommend you to back up your data periodically.

If there is anything i can help you with, please just let me know.

Thank you so much for your generous support and kind understanding in advance.

Happy New Year, Jand!🙂



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