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License Application and Link to put in License Application not working

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I am requesting a full refund of $49.99...the License Activation does not work...I then tried again to download product to put License Number in and now nothing comes up for me to put the code in...I am requesting a full refund of $49.99 to my credit card immediately...I just purchased product this evening...it isn't functioning at all.  Also your website claims 24/7 customer care...and there is no one available to answer chat box...What is going on...is this a scam site?  Please refund my $49.99 immediately.

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Hello, Marie, thanks for choosing our software and i am sorry for the delay reply due to weekend holiday. It will be appreciated for your generous forgiveness. 

Sometimes this issue happens if you enter license code manually instead of coping and pasting them. And the internet connection isn't stable.

We test your license code and find it is valid. Given this situation, would you please kindly try below suggestions to tackle this issue?

1. Launch PhoneRescue on your Windows/Mac computer and then click the "Register" button on the upper right corner.

2. Copy the license code (product key) to avoid any typing mistakes and paste it on the activation area. And then click "Activate" button. Meanwhile, please make sure the Internet connection is fine while register.

Or would you please refer to detailed instructions:


Please kindly tell us whether it works for you or not.

Thanks for your kind feedback in advance. 



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