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I am able to unlock and open my backup but when I click on messages, its just shows a "working circle" and then starts eating up hard drive space on my computer.  Messages never show up and I have left running for 2 days.  Any help?



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Dear member, thanks for using our app and i am truly sorry for this inconvenience. The time to load backup varies based on the size of your data. But the time is over two days, it is really rare. Sometimes the situation may happen if your backup has corrupted. Would you please refer to below suggestions to solve this issue:

1. Please restart your iPhone and re-launch AnyTrans to give it a new try.

2. If problem persists, to help us make further analysis and find solution to you soon, would you please kindly send log file to Support@imobie.com directly for better analysis? About how to send log file, please refer to the post below:


I am looking forward to your reply.

Thanks for your kind feedback in advance.



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