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Bob Snyder

Downloads are empty

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I have backups enabled on my son's iPhone, and found large backups on iCloud.  I downloaded them - my goal is to be able to save backups and review content: pictures, text messages, etc.  The backups took as long to download as you might expect - largest was 1.5GB.  All of them are empty when I click the "View" button.  I don't have the phone handy to verify what is being backed up, but given the size of the backups, I believe the backups are working.

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Hi, Bob, thanks for using our app and i am truly sorry for this inconvenience. Are you using AnyTrans for iOS? if so, to help us solve your issue soon, would you please kindly tell us your iOS version firstly? If you are using iOS 10.3 and higher, we are sorry to tell you that AnyTrans will fail to detect your iCloud backup currently because Apple blocks the permission to access to it due to security issue. The good news is that our dev team is working on solving this issue. Once we solve it, we would inform you at once. 
If your iOS version before iOS 10.3, considering this rare issue, to help us find a solution for you, would you please send log file to support@imobie.com directly for further diagnosis? It is easy to do so: open AnyTrans> click the Menu tab on the upper right of AnyTrans > click Send Log-file to us from the drop-down menu> send the zip file to us as attachment via mail. 

We strongly believe our dev team will try their best to solve this issue as soon as possible.
Thank you for your generous support and kind understanding in advance.

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