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Open Previously-recovered data in PhoneRescue

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i just successfully recovered a bunch of notes files from an iPhone. The phoneRescue app had it nicely sorted with deleted/not, and gave the option to restore to phone or computer.

The phone restore didn’t work, so I chose the computer option. I closed the app and reopened to try to send the recovered notes to the phone again... but now it wants to start the recovery process all over again. Can I access the recovered files from my last session without starting the recovery process all over again?

side note: I’m just recovering notes, and I only selected them from the recovery options, but the recovery process still used ~25 gigs of space. Is this by design?

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Hi, Kodama, thanks for using our app and i am sorry for the delay reply. Given the importance of your data, to avoid any data loss, PhoneRescue will back up your data at first. It will be appreciated for your kind understanding. If you do not want to keep these backups, you can delete them whenever you want under location:

Mac: Users\Your computer name\Library\Application Support\com.imobie.PhoneRescue\ BackupPhoneRescue Register

Windows: C:User\Your computer name\AppData\Roaming\iMobie\PhoneRescue\Backup

About the process, yes, i am sorry for you need to start to scan again. I am really sorry for the inconvenience may have caused to you.

Thank you so much for your generous support and kind understanding in advance. 



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