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Messages and call log "Unaccessible"

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Pretty much what the title says.

I have followed the steps in the articles to enable USB debugging. 

I was not able to find the settings indicated for enabling media transfer or changing USB power/charge settings.

When I launch the device manager on my PC, I see all of the android (galaxy s9) content except for messages and call log. For these two fields I see "Unaccessible".

I have activated a paid version of the app. I have also followed the QR code download prompts and enabled all app permission.

Assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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Dear Brice,

Thanks for using our app and we are sorry for the delay reply. To start with, would you please kindly tell me the AnyTrans App installed on your phone is downloaded from Google Play or our official website?

If your AnyTrans app is downloaded from Google Play, our AnyTrans for Android is unable to detect your Messages and Call Log because of Google restriction issue. Our Development is still working on this issue. It will be appreciated for your kind understanding.

The good news is that our official version can solve this issue now. Given this issue, to tackle this issue, please download AnyTrans App from our official website directly. Please visit the URL below via your phone browser to install it on your phone. Here is the download link:


After that, AnyTrans for Android will detect your Messages and Call Log normally.

Please kindly tell us whether it works for you or not.

Thanks for your kind feedback in advance.

Best regards,


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Oh, I think I see where I went wrong.

I did not uninstall the Google Play version before attempting to install the official version.

Uninstalling the play version and re installing the official version appears to have resolved the problem.

Thank you!

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Dear Brice,

Thank you so much for your kind feedback on this issue. And I am so glad this issue has tackled. Moreover, I strongly hope our software would provide you with more conveniences. 

Meanwhile, if there is anything I can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy a nice day!😀

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