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I have downloaded the trial application.  While I have many text messages on my phone, there are no text messages showing in the application on my computer and therefore I am not able to download anything to my computer.  Other items on my phone do show up, like apps, voicemails, etc.  Why don't my text messages show up?  Also, if I use this product, and am able to download the text messages eventually, will they still exist on my phone?   

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Hello, Gbelzer, thank you for contacting us and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Apple values user’s privacy, so it won’t let the third party software to detect your private mail, messages and safari history directly. As these data are stored in Sandbox, you only can access them when you already had backups or had finished backup your device. Thus, would you please check whether you have already have backups on your computer. If no, would you please kindly click Messages icon and choose backup now. It only takes several minutes. It will be appreciated for your kind understanding. To get the detailed about the Usher Guide: 


If problem persists, to help us solve your issue soon, please kindly send log file to Support@imobie.com directly for better analysis. It is easy to do so: Open AnyTrans> click the Menu tab on the upper left of AnyTrans> click Send Log-file to Us from the drop-down menu> send the zip file to us as attachment via mail. 

We are looking forward to your reply. 

Thank you for your generous support and kind understanding in advance. 

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