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Cannot access Calendar

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In device manager, when I go to view the calendar I see the message "AnyTrans cannot access your Calendars due to iCloud Calendars option being turned on. It also shows green iCloud badge on the icon. See screenshot below. However, all of my iCloud is turned off. See the second screenshot.





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Hi, Yanko, thanks for using our app and i am sorry for the dealy reply. Our Development Team have tested this function and find that all things works normally. Given this rare situation, would you please try below suggestions:

1. Would you please check whether your Apple ID is also associated with other iPhone/iPad? If so, you will encounter this issue. It will require you to turn off iCloud connection at first. Then, AnyTrans can detect your Calendar normally.

2. If your Apple ID is just bounded to this iPhone, given this rare situation, would you please send log file to us for better analysis? Our Development will analyze the log carefully and send solution to you soon.

I am looking forward to your reply.

Thanks for your kind feedback and understanding on this issue.


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