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Upgrade to OpenVPN 1.2.5 (iOS)

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Hello, member, thanks for contacting us. It seems that you are using the OpenVPN(the third party software) instead iMobie software.

Unfortunately, due to the way the new Apple API works, OpenVPN  is restricted from accessing the iOS keychain.

To help you get out of this issue soon, i find some information that may be helpful for you. Would you please try below suggestions?

1. Keys have to be imported in the OpenVPN Connect App keychain directly in order to be visible.

2. This can be done by renaming the extension of your PKCS#12 file to .ovpn12 (Instead of .12 of .pfx) and then sharing the file with the App (same as you would do with a ovpn profile).

3. Once you shared the file, the key/certificate will be saved in the App keychain and will be available for use.

If problem still persists, i am so sorry for i fail to help you tackle this issue. To help you solve this issue as soon as possible, i would like to recommend you to contact the Support Team of OpenVPN. I believe they will help you solve this issue soon. Here is the contact way:


If there is anything i can help you in future, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a nice day!





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